Thursday Night STNEL Pool League

Sarasota Thursday Night Eightball Pool League (STNEL) is an independent fun pool league that gives pool players the opportunity to win money. Often called Sarasota’s “Money Pool League”, STNEL rewards pool teams with the highest payout per round. In fact, 6 teams earned over $1000 each during the last STNEL Winter league.

Summer and Winter Thursday Night Pool League

STNEL Pool League runs two sessions:

  • A summer session – Generally runs from April to August
  • A winter session – Generally runs from September to May

Anyone Can Play in the Thursday STNEL Pool League

STNEL invites pool players of all levels to join.   Players are handicapped so any team can remain competitive.  We have fun playing pool all while getting to meet interesting people from a variety backgrounds.  Of course, our teams have a chance to win some cash!

Join our STNEL league and improve your skills.