2016-17 8-Ball Team Registration Form

The following information must be filled out completely and accurately for your team to compete in the 2017-18 Sarasota Pool League – ACS season.   All team registrations are due on or before August 14, 2017.  We will be at the Eagles Club on August 14th at 7:00pm to assist online registrations as necessary and collect player/location fees..

Captains will be required to have each member of their team sign their team’s “Sarasota Pool League Player Agreement” form.  These are due no later than the first night of league play (September 11, 2017) or teams can face penalties.  Click here to download the “Sarasota Pool League Player Agreement” form

All player fees and location fees are due on August 21st, 2017.  We will be at the Eagles Club at 7pm to collect all fees and to handout Captain’s Packets.

The first night of league play is scheduled for September 11, 2017.

2017-18 Monday Night ACS 8-Ball Team Registration Form

This form is for teams to sign up for the 2017-18 Sarasota Pool League - Monday Night ACS 8-Ball season.
  • Team Names and Information

    In order for players to be eligible for points, awards, and ACS Events, you must provide all the information listed below for each of your players (except e-mail if you don’t have it). Players MAY NOT use bar addresses or phone numbers. This will help our ability to communicate with everyone. Thank You!

    Each team is limited to 10 players.

    To add a player click the + symbol and additional lines will appear so that you can add multiple players..

    Add a row
  • A player sanction fee of $16.00 per player must be paid on or before August 22, 2017. In addition, the location fee ($50) must be paid on or before August 21, 2017. Thank You!