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2017-18 Monday Night ACS 8-Ball Week 3 Stats

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Please put player’s first and last name on scoresheets! We really need first and last name!
First and last name of players MUST be included for each player on every weekly score sheet. This will decrease confusion for the SPL officers when entering player information into the statistics database. THANKS!

Stats Program – – Making Changes and Fixing Issues
If you don’t know by now, we are using a new online stats program this year. The site address is . The schedule, team stats, and player stats can all be found on this site. Plus, players can download a phone app to access the same information. Please ensure your team knows how to access their stats.

Changes have been made to make the stats conform to our league. We have been addressing issues as they arise. Please let us know if you find any issues that need to be addressed.

Please let Jeff Brooks or Shannon Meszaros know if you are adding a new player
It is important to let us know anytime you add a new player. This gives us a chance to ensure the new player is given a proper average. It also alerts us that players need to be added to are stats program.

10-Ball Break and Run Progressive Pot – $470
Week 4 Player – Scott “Gilligan” Sullivan – Pool Junkies

Brad Koteles, from The B Team, broke his 10-ball rack and did not make a ball. The pot carries for the second week in a row. This week’s pot is $470 or $47 per legally pocketed ball. Captains: please promote the 10-Ball Break and Run progressive pot.

Please note: All attempts at the 10-Ball Break and run will be done on Monday Night league nights only. This includes position rounds.

Week 3 Ticket Sales – $72 (We will show the home team of the match with the $ collected)

Ralph Gibson – $3
Pool Junkies – $6
Going Postal – $5
Slow Rollers – $5
Nothing But Trouble – $5
Dead Shots – $15
Hard 8 – $12
Moose Rackers – $4
B Team – $11
Jeff Brooks – $6

Please use starting averages for first five weeks of play
Just a reminder a player uses their starting average for their first five weeks or 15 games of play. A player uses their actual average on their sixth week of league play. Our stats sheet now shows the player’s actual average and the starting handicap.

Maximum ball spot is 15
The captains voted to have a maximum ball spot of 15 balls.

Match Envelope Drop Off Point
Entersection Bar & Grill – 3655 Webber St – Safe Behind the end of the bar
Home team captains are responsible for delivering the match’s envelope. The drop off point for the match envelopes is the Entersection Bar & Grill. Envelopes need to be delivered no later than 6pm on the Wednesday immediately following the night the match was played.

Direct any questions to your officers
We would prefer you ask Jeff Brooks, Pres and/or Shannon Meszaros, VP if you have any rules questions. Otherwise, feel free to ask any one of our officers any question you may have.

Places to get information about our league
Sarasota Pool League Website –
Sarasota Pool League Facebook page –
Sarasota Pool League stats are on
• Just click “My League”
• Then find and click the tile for “Sarasota Pool League”
• You can download their phone app too

Click here to download Week 3 Cover Sheet and Stats

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