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2017-18 Monday Night ACS 8-Ball Week 10 Stats

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Floating Subs are available for Monday Night League!
We highly encourage captains to utilize our floating subs. Teams must pay their $10 match fee for the night, but do not need to split their end of year team winnings with them. That is much better than taking a player forfeit and possible losing valuable round points.

The floating subs are:

Margarita Makeeva – Starting handicap is an 8
Chris Slidell – Starting handicap is a 7
Mike Sambstrum – Starting handicap is a 7.5
Kelvin Yow – Starting handicap is 7.5

7th Annual Holiday Pool Tournaments
Bronze Tournament – Avg up to 6.5 – Moose Lodge – 7:30pm
Silver Tournament – Avg 7 & 7.5 – Rendezvous Lounge – 7:30pm
Gold Tournament – Avg 8 and Up – Entersection Lounge – 7:30pm

These tournaments are open to any qualified Sarasota Pool League (Monday and Thursday Night) player with an established average (at least 5 weeks played). Players with less than 5 weeks played must contact an Jeff or Shannon to determine what bracket they can play in

The champion in each bracket wins $$$ and entry into the 8-Ball Tournament at the 2018 Sunshine State ACS Florida State Championships!*

$10 Entry – $3 greens fee
Registration begins at 6:30pm
Double Elimination

We reserve the right to move a player into or out of this bracket based on known player ability. Please ask one of our officers if you are not sure if you qualify for this tournament.

*Entry into the Florida State Championships is valued at $50. Greens fees for the 2017 Florida State Championships not included. Entry must be used by the winner of this tournament and cannot be given to another player.

Please let Jeff Brooks or Shannon Meszaros know if you are adding a new player
It is important to let us know anytime you add a new player. This gives us a chance to ensure the new player is given a proper average. It also alerts us that players need to be added to are stats program.

10-Ball Break and Run Progressive Pot – $1259 or $125 per legally pocketed ball
Week 11 Player – Steve Breymeier – PrimeTime
Victor Honeycut – Hard8 wasn’t feeling good for his break and run attempt. He actually had two good practice breaks. His actual break didn’t result in pocketing a ball. The pot carries. This week’s pot is $1259 or $125 per legally pocketed ball. Captains: please promote the 10-Ball Break and Run progressive pot.
Please note: All attempts at the 10-Ball Break and run will be done on Monday Night league nights only. This includes position rounds.

Week 10 Ticket Sales – $103 (We will show the home team of the match with the $ collected)

Moose Rackers – $7
The B Team – $10
Nothing but Trouble – $10
PrimeTime – $15
Pool Cats – $14
Going Postal – $5
Slow Rollers – $10
Pool Junkies – $2
Hard 8 – $30

Maximum ball spot is 15
The captains voted to have a maximum ball spot of 15 balls.

Match Envelope Drop Off Point
Entersection Bar & Grill – 3655 Webber St – Safe Behind the end of the bar

Home team captains are responsible for delivering the match’s envelope. The drop off point for the match envelopes is the Entersection Bar & Grill. Envelopes need to be delivered no later than 6pm on the Wednesday immediately following the night the match was played.

Direct any questions to your officers
We would prefer you ask Jeff Brooks, Pres and/or Shannon Meszaros, VP if you have any rules questions. Otherwise, feel free to ask any one of our officers any question you may have.

Places to get information about our league
Sarasota Pool League Website –
Sarasota Pool League Facebook page –
Sarasota Pool League stats are on
• Just click “My League”
• Then find and click the tile for “Sarasota Pool League”
• You can download their phone app too

Click here to download Week 9 Cover Sheet and Stats

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