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2016-17 Monday Night 8-Ball – Week 23 Stats

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2016-17 Sarasota Pool League Banquet
May 6, 2017 at Sun – N – Fun
Mark your calendars. Our end of season banquet is scheduled for May 6, 2017. We have a lot planned including bracketed pool tournaments, Raffle Prizes, 50/50, Live DJ spinning the songs you want to hear, Kentucky Derby Contest, Food, Trophies and MORE.

Captain Appreciation Tournament – March 20th – 7pm – Rendezvous Lounge
We’re hosting our captains in our captain appreciation tournament scheduled for Monday, March 20th at 7pm at the Rendezvous Lounge. The tournament is for captains only. $10 entry. The league will match the $10 for each captain that plays. Plus, there is a $20 bounty on each officer. Basically, knock one of the officers out of the tournament and you will automatically win $20. We’ll pay for last woman standing, as long as there is at least two women playing in the tournament.

10-Ball Break and Run Progressive Pot – $2140
Last Player of the Season – Gregg Ellis – Screamin Eagles
Oscar Mora, from Bar Box Heroes, was making balls on the break during practice. Unfortunately, he didn’t make one on the break. Therefore, the pot carried and is at $2140 or $214 per legally pocketed ball.

DO NOT SELL ANY TICKETS – This fundraiser is complete
Week 23 Ticket Sales – $274.

2@19 – $34
16@5 – $48
18@3 – $25
14@7 – $50
10@11 – $49
12@9 – $27
8@13 – $12
1@21 – $29

Note from the President
I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the officers (Rob, Ralph, and Don) for all their hard work this year. This team has done a great job to ensure our league is fun and fair for everyone. Another thanks to all the captains! Let’s face it, there would be no league if we didn’t have you as captains. I appreciate everyone working on building and keeping their teams.

Our league is ending, but our banquet is just around the corner. May 6th will be here sooner than you think. Please let me know if you would like to assist with this year’s banquet. We always need help cleaning the place up at the end of the banquet.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their confidence in me as president. Cheers…Jeff Brooks


• 1st place team plays the 2nd place team, 3rd place team plays the 4th place team, etc, etc,etc,
• Matches were randomly scheduled at neutral locations. The schedule is listed below.
• Pool tables were randomly assigned to matches played at locations that are hosting more than one position match.
• Locations and Pool Table assignments CAN NOT and will not be changed.
• Flip to determine home team. The winner of the flip can choose to be home or visitors. The loser of the flip chooses the table to be played at locations with only one match scheduled. (Otherwise play on your assigned tables)
• Both captains must agree to use balls or cue ball not assigned to the table.
• Home Team Captains – You are the official score sheet for your match. Match envelopes with Scoresheets and weekly fees must be turned in by 6pm on Wednesday night immediately following your match. Home team captains will be fined for late envelopes.

Position Matches and Locations

• Pool Cats vs Moose 1 at Chester’s Reef
• Hard 8 vs Takedown at Entersection by Booths
• Dead Shots vs Who’s Next at Entersection by back door
• Going Postal vs Screamin Eagles at 8-Ball by Jukebox
• Pool Junkies vs Ball Breakers at 8-Ball by back door
• Sharks vs Shoot or Die at Rendezvous by front door
• Gimme a Break vs The Crew at Rendezvous by back door
• Bar Box Heroes vs Circle Something at American Legion
• Aim to Thrill vs Miscue Madness at Moose
• 8-Ball Hustlers vs 8Up at Eagles by jukebox
• Cool Shots vs Nothing But Trouble at Eagles by Window

Click here to download Week 23 Stats and Cover Sheet

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