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The Foundation of the Masse Shot in Billiards

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A masse shot is basically curving the cue ball around a ball to hit your object ball. Dr Cue shows the basic foundation of a masse shot. One piece of advice he gives is you should start with a small angle before trying extreme masse shots.

Foundation of Jumping Shots in Billiards

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Dr Cue explains the foundation of a jump shot using a regular cue, not a short “jump” cue. It is interesting since most players don’t believe they can perform a jump shot. Yet, they have unknowingly jump a cue ball in previous situations. The best thing the average player can learn from this video is you do not have to jump a complete ball every time.

Directional Throw with Three Frozen Balls

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I’m not sure how many of you league players have been following these directional throw videos. It is amazing how easy these shots become if you understand the principal. Dr Cue adds another ball to demonstrate directional throw.

Directional Throw with Two Object Balls Frozen Together

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This is another great shot to have in your pocket. Pardon the pun. Dr Cue shows how to use directional throw when two object balls are frozen together. Just understanding this shot can improve your chances of pocketing your object ball when it is frozen to another object ball.

Changing Direction of Frozen Cue Ball/Object Ball

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This is a great video by Dr Cue showing how to shoot an object ball that is frozen to the cue ball. He shows how to throw the ball, without using an illegal push shot or double hit. He also shows directional throw shot. Again, this video is great for experienced and beginner shooters.

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