ACS 8-Ball League

Monday Nights

SPL-8Ball-LeagueThis is an ACS sanctioned league which makes players eligible to compete in the West Coast Challenge, Sunshine State ACS Florida State Championships, and the ACS National Championships in Las Vegas.

  • Matches are played Monday nights begining at 7:30pm
  • Teams consist of at least 5 players and may be all male, female or mixed.
  • This is a handicapped league which means any team can win our league.
  • Sanction Fees are $16. Nightly league fee is $10
  • Teams win $$$ via round points.
  • We have the best league banquet in the State of Florida! It is held at Sun N Fun and includes two pool tournaments, catered dinner, trophies, monies paid to teams, raffles, and a live band.

Sarasota Pool League Officers

President – Jeff Brooks
Vice-President – Shannon Meszaros
Treasurer – Don Dixon
Stats – Ralph Gibson

Frequently Asked Questions

sarasota-pool-league-questionsBelow are the most frequently asked questions concerning our Monday Night ACS 8-ball league.  Read what other local pool players are asking us.

What’s this pool league all about?

It is simple, our league is an opportunity for people to get out and have a great time playing 8-Ball. Pool leagues allow you to meet all types of great people. It is a great way to network with other pool players in our area.

The intent of the Sarasota Pool League’s (SPL) Monday Night ACS 8-Ball League is to provide an organized system for men and women to compete in the sport of pocket billiards, specifically the game of 8-ball. This system is designed to include and promote competitive and fair play, good sportsmanship, and rewards for Individual and Team play.

What kind of people play in this league?

Really all types of people play in our league. You will find men and women players with careers as business owners, plumbers, mechanics, website developers, waitresses, lawyers, school teachers, and more! Our players ages range from 21 to just over 90 years.

Where does this league take place?

Our league is a “traveling league”. Meaning you will play in various locations in Sarasota that host a team/s. Locations are normally local bars and taverns with pool tables. Each team has a home location. You play the majority (50% or more) at your home location.

When does the league start?

The 2015-16 Season begins on September 14th and will end approximately in May 2015.

What days and times does matches take place?

Matches for our Monday Night ACS 8-ball league take place on Mondays and start at 7:30pm.

Is there a tournament in this league?

We hold bracketed tournaments during the winter holidays.  Plus, we hold a end of season bracketed tournament at our League’s Banquet.

Is this a sanctioned league?

Every Player of the Sarasota Pool League’s Tuesday Night 9-Ball League will be American CueSports (ACS) Sanctioned. The ACS Sanction is valid from June 1st through May 31st, and entitles the Sanctioned Player to participate in any ACS-Sanctioned events, including the 8-Ball & 9-Ball National Tournaments (upon completion of any ACS prerequisites.) Learn more at

Is there a Sanction Fee?

The $16 sanction fee covers the $10 ACS Sanction fee, $5 Sunshine State ACS Sanction fee (if applicable), and $1 SPL Sanction fee.

Is there a weekly fee?

Yes. Weekly fees for a player is $10 per match played. Monies collected are used to pay league expenses with the remaining monies paid back to teams based on round points won.

What can I win if I play in this league?

First, playing in a league will definitely help you improve your pool playing skills. Teams win cash based on the number of round points they won during the season.

Am I eligible for any State or National Tournaments?

Players are eligible (upon completion of any tournament prerequisites.) to compete in the West Coast Challenge, ACS Florida State Championships, and ACS National Championships.

How do I get started?

We are excited to have you and/or your team join us for some fun and exciting 8-ball competition. There are two ways you can join our league:

  1. Sign up a team by clicking here: 8-Ball Team Signups or download the 8-Ball Team registration form.
  2. Sign up as an individual and we will find you a team. Just click here: 8-Ball Player Signup.  We will email your information to all the captains.

You can also contact us at